workshops for businesses

Online and in-person workshops designed to nourish, de-stress
and empower!

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The Sentient Business Wellness Workshops is focused on helping employees and employers recognize the necessatiy for good overall health, resulting in better personal performance and company production. We do this by focusing on the physical, mental and emotional bodies to achieve holistic, long-term wellness. We coach each of our individual and group clients from the inside out, supporting them to overcome health-related obstacles like stress, obesity, diabetes, poor diet, low self-esteem, mental challenges and depression. By providing consistent and positive coaching, our clients develop lifelong wellness tools, achieve wellbeing, and grow into the best version of themselves.

Customized Workshop Module
·  Holistic Wellness Experience
·  Sentient Pot Luck - Plant-based Meal
·  1 on 1 Employee Coaching
·  Online sessions
· Company retreats (In person & online)

Module Breakdown
·  Meditation/ grounding
·  Breathwork
·  Qi Gong/ Yoga
·  Somatic Practice
·  Sound Healing

Speak with a member of our team to learn more about the beneficial custom workshops we have available for your employees and place of business.