“Why, if it weren't for this 'internal illumination' [i.e., sentience] the world would be nothing but a pile of dirt!” – Albert Einstien. The word “sentient” is defined  “being able to perceive or feel things”. i.e. the “senses” but I assure you, the meaning is far greater. Often through out life one here’s the term “sentient beings”.Naturally we perceive the term to mean some form of a living being, a cat, a dog, human etc; but what is this “internal illumination” Albert Einstien is making reference to? Let's go on a journey to unveil this mystery.

When we’re speaking about sentient we’re speaking about the actual experiencing of the external world, outside the body.This means we’re referring to that which is within the body. The different related terms used such as sentience, sense, sensory, sensation all of these terms, they denote the interaction and experience between living beings and the environment. If one ponders a little deeper the question arises, what is living? what is not living?

To understand fully what Sentient or sentiency is lets break down all of its faculties in relation to the roles they play. We have first the sentient being who through its senses experiences the environment. The result of that beings experience is “sensation”. This covers the whole movement of life itself. This is Sentiency.  

Science has taught us that the senses of the body develop and evolve in relation to its environment. This makes the two, one movement in all actuality.Light giving beings the sense of sight, texture giving beings the sense of feeling, sound giving beings the sense of hearing, aroma and odder giving birth to the sense of smell. Is that which is created by the artist separate from the artist? Nature being the artist in this sense.

Sentiency is the total movement of life itself. The life of consciousness. One starts to see nature is in a way, pulling beings toward it. Attracting. Causing them to explore more and more.Causing them to feel deeper and deeper. Its safe to say the different sensations determine our direction, our attractions. This leads to the evolving of the senses, resulting in more developed beings. Humanity unfolds what is called “clair senses” which are highly developed spiritual senses. I prefer terming these “senses of the soul”, leading regular man to becoming “soul man”.

Soul man is a man that has become a Soul. His soul that has influenced him for lifetimes is able to fully live through him.So he no longer has a soul but now is the soul. This being the result of sentiency.

In conclusion we can say the term sentient or sentience is living consciousness, the “internal illumination”. Sentiency is the evolutionary process of this living consciousness becoming a Soul. The religion of the future will evolve men into Souls, a union of the Souls being as one. This religion will not be the result of mans will or choice. It will be by nature because the path of sentiency is natural and is in tune with life in its entirety.