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Workshops designed to nourish, de-stress and empower!

health elevation WORKSHOP

A workshop tailored for businesses, organizations and institutions.

The Sentient Adult Wellness Program is focused on helping adults realize health goals, personal development and self-mastery. We do this by focusing on the fitness of the physical, mental and emotional bodies to achieve holistic, long-term wellness. We coach each of our individual and group clients from the inside out, supporting them to overcome health-related obstacles like stress, obesity, diabetes, poor diet, low self-esteem, and depression. By providing consistent and positive coaching, our clients develop lifelong wellness tools, achieve wellbeing, and grow into the best version of themselves.

·  Stretching for mobility & flexibility
·  Personalized workout sessions
·  Strength training & cardio
·  Plant-based meal plans

·  Meditation/ grounding
·  Mindfulness techniques
·  Stress management practices
·  Games to help reduce memory loss

·  Receive personalized mantra
·  Group “heart talk”discussions
·  Food & nutrition counseling
·  Develop self-acceptance & empathy


Single day workshop tailored for girls and boys, ages 8-18

We believe wellness is attained through the mind, body and spirit, so when we train our students, we keep it fun and engaging by providing education and fitness for their physical bodies, as well as mental and emotional bodies.

· Strength training
· Calisthenics
· Parkour & yoga

· Mindful games
· Meditation
· Mindful art, videos & media

· Group“heart talks”
· Team-bonding activities
· Cooking healthy meals


· Prevents burnout
· Improves energy levels & focus
· Promotes preventive wellness care
· Reduces stress
· Helps lengthen attention span
· Increases cognitive abilities& memory