sentient WELLNESS

Sentient Fitness focuses specifically on athletic training, cardio, weight loss, and muscle strengthening goals - and if the client chooses, elevate their fitness experience through meditation, visualization, interpersonal and personal development, and preparation of healthy meals.Online coaching is also available.

• Custom tailored fitness coaching
• Healthy food preparation
• Personalized mindful techniques
• Cardio & aerobic workouts

• Strength training
• Prepare healthy, targeted meals
• Guided, Tibetan bowl or sound
bath meditation
• Visualization techniques
• Group discussion

We cater to each client and scope of the event, but participants can expect to engage in mind and body exercises while being guided through various meditation techniques, and preparing healthy meals that increase brain activity and gut health.


Healthy alternatives to everyday meals.

· Private cooking
· Recipes
· Events

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· Promotes positive mental health
· Teaches healthy food options & meals
· Creates long-term lifestyle changes
· Improves overall well-being
· Achieve strength from the inside out
· Reduces injuries