Tips to Help You Upgrade Your Diet for the New Year

 Are you looking to change the way you eat to a healthier plant -rich diet?

Making this transition can be a tough one. Many of us have spent a portion of our  life eating certain foods, foods that satisfy our taste buds. Foods that are high in refined sugars that stimulate our brain and glands in our body, acting as drugs. These become addictive and cause us to crave them, this gives way to pleasure and emotional eating or food addiction. Without for knowledge of the effects of these foods to knowing these foods’ effects on the body, we tend not to think much of it until we’re diagnosed with a chronic ailment or find ourselves suffering from some auto immune disease.

 This system is one that honors the greedy and glutenous, and our mission is to overcome it. Over stand it. It eventually leads us to the path of mastering our bodies and our minds because if we don’t, we’re dead. The battle is an up hill one, and we’re here to help you with your climb. We’ve laid out some different approaches to help you with your transition and jump start your path to eating better.

Vegan Sweets

Do you like sweets and desserts? Start with adopting healthier desserts first than, work your way to main course meals. Try only eating vegan desserts for a while. They taste just as good as non -vegan desserts and are just as fulfilling.

50/50 Green Food Rule

Combine your normal daily diet with healthy plant -rich foods.

A kale spring salad with your favorite buffalo wings.

Bacon and eggs in the morning with diced bananas and berries.

Start with the small things. Start adopting healthier alternatives for little things such as salt, ketchup, water, and so forth. Purchase a healthier more nutritious bread and some natural seasonings. These small transitions will help make your normal typical daily meals a little more healthier.

Shop Organic

These products are naturally more expensive however, you’ll be eating a lot healthier while still eating the foods you love. A butcher shop is better than most grocery stores when it comes to meat.

Substitute Healthy Alternatives

Purchase more natural products and less processed foods. Purchase foods with the least amount of ingredients and make sure those ingredients contain little to no chemicals.

Progressive Not Perfection

Do the best you can, when you can. Ultimately enjoying our food and feeling good is just as important as what we’re eating. With that being said, a healthy balance is necessary between what you love and what you need. After some time of adopting a healthier more nutritious diet, you’ll begin to love what you need  instead of what you don’t need. Especially, when your life is on the line.  

Changing the way you eat is’nt a fad, it’s a decision that will affect the rest of our lives. So take your time and be patient with yourself, taking it one day at a time. This journey of eating healthier and healthier is a challenging but rewarding one. The human body is amazing and has incredible mysteries waiting to be unlocked; however, a healthy alkaline diet is essential. Tread well, my friend. We wish you all the success.

The biggest most significant benefit in my journey when transitioning to a vegan plant-rich diet was support. My roommates and I all embarked on this journey together, this was eight years ago. Having someone there to take on new challenges with you and support you in your decision makes the journey easier. Let us be there for you the same way my roommates and I were there for one another. Over the years, I have adopted a plant -rich diet that has evolved over many phases incorporating teachings from doctor Sebie and Ayurveda, eventually developing my own wisdom and knowledge. Email us today about our wellness coaching program, and lets begin taking the necessary steps to get you healthier.