3 Fundamental Steps To Controlling Your Thoughts

How To Control Your Mind From Unwanted Thoughts

A subtle giant in my daily life, for as far back as I can remember has been “thought”. How much control do you have over your thoughts? From the smallest thought to the most extreme thought. Thoughts so strong that the emotion of the experience is born in your stomach and moves through your legs and heart.

Often thoughts this strong are fueled by fear which gives rise to worry, anxiety, stress, and depression. Feelings and conditions that were once sadly a norm but, in these times, are being recognized as mental health issues. If thoughts fueled by fear result in the negative mentioned above then it is safe to say thoughts fueled by the opposite emotion (Love) will give rise to the opposite experience as well, such as confidence, serenity, joy and vitality.

What if you were able to alleviate all negative unwarranted thoughts and instead conceive nothing but positive invited thoughts?

3 Steps

The first step to achieving this quality of mind is believing it is possible.

The second step is making the choice, the choice of love over fear, choosing “yourself” over those things that weigh you down instead of building you up.

The third step is taking the journey or walking the path. This means implementing the necessary actions to help you achieve that which you believe is possible. To cultivate your mind to a quality of serenity, clarity and positivity and no longer be tormented by uncontrollable thoughts and emotions.

These actions ultimately have to do with changing the quality of all the things we feed and expose our mind to:

·      Sound/ music

·      Food

·      Entertainment

·      Relationships

·      Work

·      Education

Choosing the things that nurture and empower you over the things that bring you down, choosing love over fear, and achieving a quality of mind that results in a life filled with joy and ease are no easy feat, however it is very much a rewarding one. One in which no amount of money can buy. Time is of the essence and every day counts as one step closer to this achievement. Let the journey begin today and let’s meet at bliss.

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