The Breathe Program for teens is tailored for girls and boys, ages 13-18. We believe wellness is attained through the mind, body and spirit, so when we train our students, we keep it fun and engaging by providing education and fitness for their physical bodies, as well as mental and emotional bodies. During a typical Sentient session, students participate in movement exercises like yoga, cook healthy vegan meals together, create personal hygiene products like soap, and connect with their peers with a group discussion we like to call "heart talk.”

· Stretching for mobility & flexibility
· Immersion in nature
· Strength training & cardio
· Plant-based meal prep

· Meditation/ grounding
· Mindfulness techniques
· Stress management practices
· Games to help reduce memory loss

· Group “heart talk”discussions
· Food & nutrition counseling
· Develop self-acceptance
& empathy



With our 8-13 aged students, we introduce concepts and activities that stimulate openness to and engagement with new wellness experiences. This class focuses on the group – team-bonding activities, vegan cooking, service projects, fitness classes, and group discussions on compassion and vulnerability.

For our teenage students, Sentient Wellness teaches and provides wellness tools and practices to help them accomplish their life goals through physical exercise, mental training and emotional support. Because this stage of life can be challenging, our program places an emphasis on group experiences that encourage personal development, self-mastery and mindfulness. 

· Strength training
· Team-building activities
· Wellness talks: holistic health Q&As
· Sports training

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Even though this is a fitness program I have honestly gained much knowledge

Benefits of program

· Knowledge of healthy food choices
· Stronger physical body
· Greater self-awareness
· Increased
self-confidence &
· Comfort sharing & communicating with peers
· Application of mindfulness in everyday life