Sentient Wellness coaching focuses on natural healing using holistic mediums and practices. We provide alternative as well as holistic health & wellness coaching to individuals and groups. Our specialty areas include wellness coaching, nutrition, holistic life coaching, meditation, breath-work, sound healing, embodiment, somatic healing and fitness training. Online coaching is available now. Below is a list that represents some of the more common health conditions and medical ailments we coach you through:

• Diabetes (type l & ll)
• Hyperthyroidism
• Diverticulitis
• Cancer

• Heart Disease
• Obesity/ Weight Loss
• High Blood pressure
• Kidney stones
• Depression
• Anxiety

30 Day

Natural healing, stress reduction, mindfulness and self empowerment are key components of this program. We aim to help you find practical solutions to current challenges while providing the tools you’ll need to live a healthy, inspired life. Nutritional consulting is a main area of focus in any form of natural healing. Knowing what to eat and what not to eat depending on your ailment and body type is crucial to healing any ailment or disease.

Our 30 day transformational program will provide you with the guidance and wisdom you need to heal the chronic disease or mental health related issue that you may be facing, or to simply help you step into your power. We will guide you to the proper nutritional diet that promotes cellular regeneration for your unique body type. This program also comes with two alternative healing classes of your choice. Our coach will help you strengthen your mind-body connection and propel your health to higher vibratory state.

Here are some videos and blog posts that cover different health problems and alternative healing. These topics reflect different areas experience and expertise that are supported in our wellness coaching. We encourage you to check out our blog and sign up for our email list, these articles will provide you with knowledge and information to support long-lasting wellness. Light and Love