Summer Camp

A Conscious Wellness Camp

At camp BREATHE campers will encompass experiences and activities that will not only be fun and engaging but foster holistic living.We will focus on overall wellbeing, campers will enjoy a fun filled day while becoming healthier and stronger mentally. Campers will become more in tune with themselves and learn the values of establishing a positive connection with people and nature naturally and enhancing overall well being using different science and experience backed practices. Participants will learn different techniques of meditation, breath work, qi gong and somatic practices that promote safe, natural treatments for stress, trauma, aging, mental & physical challenges. This camp will educate young people and adults on nutrition and “intuitive eating” helping them maintain a healthy meal plan that is in line with the body while still enjoying the foods they love. Participants will become more knowledgeable about the sustainability of their bodies, mind and overall health.

Boyd H. Anderson High School
Groups | Ages:
10 - 16
Dates & Hours:
June 10 - August 6th 2020
Full Day 8 am -5 pm
Half Day AM: 8 am -1 pm
Half Day PM: 1pm - 5 pm
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Key Focus Areas
- Working with positive & negative energy.
- Developing a healthier body.
- Exploring the body.- Reduce / alleviate stress
- Alleviate depression- Relationship.
- Moral compass- Human responsibility
- Compassion- Community

- Sentient Fitness
- Yoga- Parkour
- Breathe work
- Cooking demos / prep
- Sound experiences / practice
- Meditation- Movement
- Chanting / Mantras
- Nature time / experience
- Spiritual commentary
- Weekly field trips
- Team building games

Field Trips
- Japanese Garden
- Movies
- Extreme sports
- Farm Visits
- Kayaking
- Bowling
- Museum (Younger kids)

Experience the benefits of summer camp from home!

Our summer Virtual camp is a great, home-based option for students seeking the collaborative spirit of normal summer camp. For many, learning alongside others is a vital social component. We're happy to introduce your child to new skills, engaging with other campers, and building confidence!

With school closures and work-from-home policies in effect, it can be hard to adjust. Our Virtual Summer Camps give campers the opportunity to:
Learn new skills and practices
reate new bonds with friends online
Enhance awareness and focus
Boost their immune system
Parents; accomplish more through out your day when your kids are online with us. Our virtual camp will take place if there is a continuation of quarantine. Click here to learn more about what a normal day of camp looks like.

Groups | Ages:
10 - 17
Dates & Hours:
June 10 - August 6th 2020
**Online meeting times will be periodically through out the day.
Full Day 8 am -5 pm
Half Day AM: 8 am -1 pm
Half Day PM: 1pm - 5 pm

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