Breath work is an essential science backed practice that promotes safe, natural treatments for stress, trauma, aging, mental & physical challenges. This practice incorporates movements from practices such QiGong and Ti Chi.
The exercises in this class awakens the cells and stimulate the circulatory system. This experience strengthens the mind body connection and nurtures personal health, love and compassion.

Meet Nahdu: Nahdu has been studying meditation and spiritual practices such breath work for almost a decade. Over the years Nahdu has learned from incredible teachers such as Dr Brown of Breath-Mind-Body, Judith Blackstone, Bonnie Bainbridge, Michael Beckwidth and more. Nahdu deeply proscribes to the exploration and unfolding of the innate faculties of the body/ mind.
Nahdu's practices are tools that result in physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity and all around well-being.

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