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These breathing exercises are natural treatments for stress, trauma, aging, mental & physical challenges. These science backed methods are known to boost immune system and strengthens the respiratory system.

Fascia is the connective tissue that holds your ENTIRE body together! It is a system of densely packed collagen fibers and gel-like webs that connect all of your muscles, bones, tendons, and organs.

I was skeptical at too, but my unwavering chocolate craving won this fight. The best response from tasters was, "This taste like nutty, earth chocolate!" I can assure you that while the beets aren't dominant at all, but the chocolate is rich. If you have been struggling to stay motivated or run down, these brownies are the perfect pick-me-up!

This taco packs a good measure of protein and is a good meal for any vegan athlete in to raw foods. This taco is an immune system booster as well. A great taco!

Students at Boyd Anderson High School had a day mindfulness and healthy eating at BREATHE The Experience. The key focus was mental health and overall wellbeing. Students where taken through different practices that focused on drawing energy to the brain and the body. The breathing exercises help stress, trauma, aging, mental & physical challenges.

I have never attempted a whole thanksgiving dinner, but I do remember the first time my mother made me clean a turkey. I. Have. Never. Been so disgusted in my entire life! I knew at that point that my Thanksgivings would be different.

We combined chickpeas and black beans as the base,making this dish high protein and fiber, which aid in your digestion,regulating blood sugar, and weight management.

Our sweet potato bowl is a multifaceted dish. While tradition serves sweet potatoes as a side dish, adding in some fresh blueberries, agave, and cinnamon makes this a leisurely post-thanksgiving breakfast.

For this year's Friendsgiving, we skipped the turkey and went with a winter squash, similarly known as a butternut squash.

Sentient foods are foods that are governed by natures sentient principles, adding in the producing of vital energy. Sentient foods are foods that primarily effect the mind as well as the body.

Sentient Fitness is a practice based on the philosophy of exercising mans/ woman’s 3 bodies, the physical, emotional and mental body.