Join Our Fight Against Breast Cancer

On October 11th for 30 days, in light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we gave up dairy! Why dairy and how does it correlate with breast cancer? We at Sentient Wellness strongly believe dairy is an agent that triggers hormone sensitive cancer. Many U.S. dairy farms have been known to inject rBGH, a genetically engineered hormone also called rBST, into their cows to increase milk production. Additionally, milk contains insulin-like growth factor 1, IGF-1, a protein that some studies have implicated as a possible stimulant of cancer cell proliferation.

How does this all affect you? Hormones regulate the growth, development, and metabolism of the body. Ingesting hormones from other species that are not human in itself can cause health issues, ecspecially if the species is mentally, physically and emotionally traumatized, and unhealthy. Simply put, the HUMAN body produces hormones that are made for the HUMAN body; we don’t benefit from hormones made specifically for other species.

For this challenge we provided classes and weekly coaching for the duration of the challenge. The classes focused on exercises meant to boost the immune system such as fitness and breath work, while the coaching was geared towards nutrition and natural healing.

Other Issues Dairy May Cause

Weight gain

Mucus secretion and build up. "Mucus is the cause to every disease" Dr Sebi


Enhanced period symptoms


Grand Prize Winner!!

Aaliyah Shareef
Instagram: @saintaaliyah.xiii
The winner was picked based on the consistency of participation and meeting all requirements.